A self-paced workshop developed with Articulate Rise

A self-paced workshop on procrastination

Together with Valcoach‘s Susan Kuepfer, we have developed this self-paced workshop to help reduce the impact of procrastination in your work and in your life.

Self-paced training can quickly become a pretty frustrating experience both for the e-learning developer and the learners. Who has never had a “page-turner learning experience”?

In order for self-paced training to be an interactive and enjoyable experience, the way you design it and the tool you choose to develop the content are two essentials decisions to make. In this example, we included a downloadable workbook for participants to write down and work autonomously on at least an outcome per module. In addition to that, Articulate Rise allowed us to create a very clean design centered in the learners with meaningful interactions and embedded media.


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