E-learning Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Project scope definition
  • Regular working sessions with subject matter experts and stakeholders
  • Special support in piloting and implementation phases

E-learning Development

  • Variety of course formats: blended-learning, self-paced,…
  • Expand the possibilities of your already existing training
  • Webinar design and development
  • Articulate 360 package

LMS Moodle

  • Theme selection and customization
  • Customization according to your needs
  • Course and content creation
  • Staff training

E-learning Localization

  • Serve more, serve better
  • Translation project management
  • Advise on multilingual project design and development


  • Develop your skills
  • Become more empowered in your in-house training
  • Learn to use the tools, learn to apply the processes
  • Online or face-to-face


e-learning solutions


Personalized e-learning solutions

Each project is a new challenge, a different challenge, a new story to be written. That is why you need a bespoke solution that takes into account your needs and expectations, your organizational culture and your resources.

We will communicate directly and on a regular basis all throughout the project to foster a space of cooperation and creativity.


Your e-learning solution

We will work together to create a totally new learning experience that meets your needs and develops new possibilities for your team and your organization.

We are both experts

We will combine our expertise – you on your field, me in providing custom e-learning solutions – to create effective and engaging training.

Expand your horizons

Reach a global audience in one, two or more languages. Make foreign languages your ally to go beyond any border.

Tell me about your challenge

No matter what your learning challenge is, I would love to hear about it. Do you want to get some ideas about where to start?